Who Would You Turn Labor For?

The Federal Election is almost upon us, so we here at Mr felt it was time to make mention of this historic event. Our buddies at love talking politics so we gave them the opportunity to write about it from their slant. Kenji Phlange puts in his two cents worth.

G’day Citizens,

Well, just three more sleeps to the Federal Election down here in Oz. The pollies and the electorate are rather fatigued by it all. The six weeks election campaign was preceded by the longest pre-election huckstering and schilling in recent memory. It feels like we’ve been part of this process for 66 weeks, so its no wonder we’re all a little exhausted.

However Leader of the Opposition, Kevin Rudd appeared wide-awake when he appeared on Rove McManus‘s show on Sunday night. This caused a minor stir in itself because for the last two years McManus has tried to get the Prime Minister John Howard to appear on the Network 10 variety show. Howard has rightly steered clear of the show because its youth demographic is all-wrong for him.

K-Rudd has been much more of a hit with Generation Y as evidenced by his popularity on Facebook, so his appearance on the show was a shrewd move. All through 2007 Mr Rudd has been a remarkably able media performer. He has barely put a foot wrong with the exception of a YouTubed video showing him sitting in the House of Representatives digging into his ear with an index finger and apparently sticking it in his mouth.


Rudd looked wary when he hit the hot seat on Sunday. He seemed concerned that he might be one-upped by Rove’s comedy shtick so he tried a couple of “dad” gags that didn’t really come off. One in particular about the Rudds’ cat and dog abstaining from voting at family meetings went down like a lead balloon. But to be fair, Rudd isn’t a comedian and Rove’s audience don’t need to understand how democracy works. (Boo-Yah!)

Frequent viewers of the show know that the interview always ends with a series of quick questions called Twenty Bucks In Twenty Seconds. The interviewee answers as many of Rove’s questions as he or she can and if Rove likes the answers the interviewee gets to take home twenty dollars.

The last of these questions is always Who Would You Turn Gay For? Performers love this questions and obviously spend time cooking up an answer. CALIFORNICATION‘s David Duchovny got a big laugh for his “What do you mean turn?”

Naturally enough, politics being what it is, Who Would You Turn Gay For? isn’t the sort of question most campaigning politicians would be keen to answer. So we all leaned forward in our Freedom furniture forward to catch K-Rudd’s answer. Unfortunately a full committee of spin doctors and legal types had been at it.

Firstly, Rudd threw responsibility for the answer on various supporters who’d emailed into Rudd HQ with suggestions. He went through his list and ticked off the ones he and some advisors had picked, so more spreading the blame, there. Then he read through his list, which included Dame Edna and Kel Knight from KATH AND KIM. But he ended by saying he wouldn’t turn gay for anyone because he loved his wife Therese too much. It was all a bit blah really. He was pretending to enter into the spirit of the game while in fact redefining the rules and then completing disregarding the premise. Clever but actually a tad hypocritical.

By comparison was the way the question was handled by Dr Bob Brown for the Greens. Brown is openly gay, so naturally his question was Who Would You Turn Straight For? Bob’s people did a really nifty job because his answer was singer Missy Higgins, who had (kinda) publicly come out in the previous forty-eight hours.

Openess and accountability, Mr Rudd.


Kenji Phlange

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  1. Your BLOG pics could be 500px wide there Lad. You may need to source them from a professional newswire thingo, but 350 is just too small for me to download. Good job on Rudd. I hope he loosens up a bit. It’s not possible to please all of the people all of the time – even though he’s putting in a pretty good effort. Weird that he’s getting his members to visit soup kitchens. Weird but good. I’ve added you to my RSS news feed. You know how to do that stuff don’t you Mr T?

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