I was at my local video store yesterday and I overheard two brothers, one around 11 and the other about 9 discussing Ben Cousins’ “Such Is Life” torso-tattoo. The youngest kid was convinced that it would be much cooler if it said, “Much is Life” His older brother wasn’t so sure. “Much is Life? And the younger kid said, “Yeah – life is much.”

Two girls maybe around fourteen were looking through the range of DVDs. One girl had clearly seen just about all of them, the other seemed like she might be from a religious order of some kind. The conversation drifted over to me at this point.

Girl 1: And the man wants to find this girl and then he finds her.
Girl 2: What about this one?
Girl 1: It’s good. It’s a comedy. What about this?
Girl 2: What is it?
Girl 1: Charlie’s Angels.
Girl 2: What’s it about?

There was a short pause which sounded like, “Come on, Charlie’s Angels!” But she went on patiently,

Girl 1: It’s about girls who are spies. And they have fights, lots of action.

I’d like to add that I don’t usually eavesdrop on my fellow video store punters, but these kids just couldn’t use their inside voices. Noisy young whippersnappers.

Elevate the Insignificant,

Mr Trivia

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