I Was There For You


Okay, so FRIENDS is back, like every day at 7pm on Network 10. It was THE show of the 1990s; the one with Ross, Rachel, Chandra, Joanie, Monocle and Femur. Remember the great clothes. The zany hairstyles. And what about all those unforgettable episodes?

Who could not remember The Parking Nazi? Master and Commander of Your Domain? Junior Mints. Twinkies. The time where Chandra dropped his toothbrush in the toilet and wouldn’t kiss his girlfriend? And that other time when Ross married a lesbian and had her baby? And when Mr Carlson from WKRP in Upstate New York invited Joey and his friend Dudley to the bicycle shop after school, only it turned out that Mr Carlson was a Sicko Perv? And then Mrs C broke up with the Fonz and said, “They’re real and they’re spectacular”?

Great moments in television, friends. And every Tuesday night you and your real friends would have a FRIENDS party.And you would wait to see what that scheming bitch Amanda would come up with this time. And if anyone, like, called you during that time, it would show what a geek and total loser they were.

And the great theme song by the Del Fuegos or Hooti and The Blow Fish or whoever. “Respect yourself, bah bah, F*CK THE PO-LEECE! I’ll be there for you straight outta COMPTON!

Sure it wasn’t as funny as ROSEANNE, but it was more hip than DESIGNING WOMEN. Join with the Ten Network, and me every single day for the next year or so, as we watch some late twenty-something wannabes turn into late thirty-something millionaires.

Laugh ‘til you cry at the WASP version of SEINFELD. Remember all the great times you shared with your FRIENDS. It was the real show about nothing. The other one was only using that line as a marketing tool.

Elevate the Insignificant,

Mr Trivia

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