Samosas 3


Be careful what you declare in a blog, it could come back at you faster than you think.

Miss Pink and I were at the Woodbridge Tavern in Guildford on Sunday night for a Battle of The Bands Comp. We were there to support Avatar who magnificently took out second place – the outright winners were The Vans.

Just after we arrived, we did a shuffle around a table looking for a place to sit. The table had family, girlfriends, band-member’s mates, uni mates and assorted crew seated around it. As we sat in this liminal social space, Miss Pink was offered a samosa or possibly samosi. She declined on our behalf and mentioned that I had blogged on this subject (Christmas samosas). She kinda shouted this over the top of one of the bands, and I hoped this news was being whipped away in a sonic vortex of chords and beats.

Why? Because people have the idea that bloggers are opinionated nerds (I know!). And I need a little less background noise to describe to people the literary-salon-like ambience that surrounds this very blog you are reading now.

But I digress. I had indeed said – nay, blogged on The Internet – that this Christmas season, I would consume no samosas or deep fried entree treats. I thought about this as I looked down at those horrific triangular parcels of greasy joy lying on their pretentious square plate. Suddenly I was glad to be blog-quoted, while indie music swirled about my person. Miss Pink was on the ball.

Wanna keep your New Year’s resolutions in 2008? Blog about it and tell your partner.

Elevate the Insignificant,

Mr Trivia

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