Please note that for a few days this entry had no picture and only the enigmatic “here” (as written above). This lead to a mighty outcry from the…ahem..readership and I responded to this in the entry “Samosas 2

I have left this original entry in this half-baked (or perhaps half-fried)state because like many creative types these days, I am infatuated with the idea of process, build-logs and behind-the-scenes documentation. Let’s face it, talking about the how and the why is so much more satisfying than the outcome.

Mona Freakin’ Lisa – pah! Leonardo and the Lady – the six part video-diary and process journal of an artist at work. So much more interesting than a tiny painting behind bullet-proof plastic at the Louvre.

Wait? Have I digressed?


Mr Trivia

2 thoughts on “Samosas

  1. i am frustrated by your blog entry of the single word samosas. like the said article it promises much and doesn’t deliver. kindly extrapolate, elucidate and possibly deep fry!

    miss pink

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