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Judging by all the magazine covers and television ratings surveys, all of Australia loves Melissa Doyle. She’s one of the hosts of the Seven Network’s Sunrise Show. This morning, she was stunned when she discovered that GREY’S ANATOMY and 27 DRESSES star, Katherine Heigl, was five days away from her wedding. And furthermore, Heigel was concerned about how her wedding was eating into her bridesmaids regular Christmas vacation time.

Mel was very impressed by this show of friendship and compassion on behalf of this soon-to-be huge star. “Awww,” Mel gushed, “We love her, she’s girl’s girl, she’s a chick’s chick”.

And that’s why we love Mel. She never says anything that could upset you or even make you think at that difficult time in the morning. That fragile hour when you have decide whether to go to work or call in sick yet again.

To show even more love for our Mel why not travel to her website? There you’ll discover she has a degree in broadcast journalism and was even a political reporter for the Seven Network in 1996.


Thankfully, though, she isn’t just about getting the tough stories and asking the hard questions. There’s another side to Mel, she has written a book with Jo Scard called the Working Mothers Survival Guide. Click on the link. Possibly buy the book for Christmas for any of the working mothers in your life who are just like Mel.

She knows you women of Australia. She feels your triumphs and your pain. She’s a girl’s girl. She’s a chick’s chick. She speaks for every woman in Australia. And only a churl would dare suggest that Mel might be playing the “just like you” card while living a life that is quite different to yours in a number of major areas.

Still what am I saying? First chance I get to make serious coin from endorsements and I’m there. “There’s nothing Mr Trivia enjoys better than the fantastic citrus-y zing of a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.”


Mr Trivia

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