Super Powers – What The?!

Captain Puce puts down another rebellion
and keeps democracy safe from “the people”


I was reading another blog (I felt dirty but there you have it), and the blogger mentioned what super powers he had always wanted to have. Other contributors chimed in. (Who needs contributors dammit!? I love being a one-man band with my little obsessions – Barry Bostwick, Interrobangs…I know you’re out there people – like the nitrogen that makes up most of the air we breathe – you’re out there.)

And suddenly I thought – super powers – PAH! Puerile nonsense. When will we get over the infantile fantasy of having amazing abilities so we can live our lives at some advantage over others?

Who the f*ck needs super f*ckin’ powers? Wouldn’t it be COOL if we could fly? Wouldn’t it be GREAT if we could be invisible? Blah Blah Wah Wah!

Wouldn’t it be freakin’ great if we could get along with our bloody noisy neighbours and deal with the fact that we hate our f*ckin’ jobs and every f*ckin’ morning when we wake up, we are overwhelmed with a feeling of f*ckin’ ENNUI or freakin’ TRISTESSE and we can barely drag our bodies to the shower to begin our POINTLESS F*CKIN’ DAY!

Whew! It’s great to vent isn’t it?

I just don’t think we’re evolved enough to deal with the emotions and responsibilities we do have. Imagine US Vice Prez Dick Cheney with MORE POWER? Look at what he’s acheived as a second banana with a bum ticker. We need him to be omnipotent like the world needs another Hilton sister.

But if I were to play the “what super power would you have” game – I think my loved ones, all my many friends and my multitude of fans and readers would agree that I already have a super power – my amazing humility.

Elevate the Insignificant

Mr Trivia

P.S. I might also like to be called Captain Ennui, Tristesse Man or Asterisk Censortron

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  1. Thanks, Man…sometimes only shallowness can be deep – especially when one traverses the depths to find nothing but a marketing message at the bottom.

    It happens.

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