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If you read my Blogspot blog, you’ll know that my favourite Chinese Restaurant is the Golden Handshake on Canning Highway. Not only is their choice of door-chime interesting, so is their idea of appropriate reading material when you’re waiting in the takeaway section for your Crispy Chicken to arrive. >>>



ABOVE: Swarovski USB drives.

Mostly they seem overly stocked with old copies of HELLO magazine, but last week things were a little different. The first magazine I picked up was called simply SWAROVSKI and I quickly learnt more about this Swiss company and their lead-crystal glass products than I wanted to know.

So I picked up the next magazine, which turned out to be WHITE DWARF. Wikipedia tells me that it is a monthly magazine that concentrates on the miniature war games like Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warhammer 40,000 and The Lord of the Rings SBG. What my untutored eye saw were tiny, little fantasy figures on gaming boards as well as much writing on battle and strategy.

I passed quickly to a copy of VOGUE. I flipped through the pages and discovered that not only were there many ads for French brands (quelle surprise and yes, I know VOGUE is American, but France dominates world fashion) but the articles were wholly written in French, too. Yes, Indeed this was French VOGUE.

I was just trying to work out what Sophie Marceau was saying using my non-existent French, when my Prawn Foo Yung arrived.

From now on, if you front at your local Chinese eatery and they don’t supply French or Italian VOGUE in the takeaway section, you might want to have a friendly word with the manager.

Tell ’em I sent you.

Mr Trivia

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  1. When your local Chinese starts getting in copies of French or Italian Vogue for customers to read, I strongly suspect it ain’t just your local Chinese anymore. If you get my drift…

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