You're Talking Nuts!


It’s the day before Christmas Eve and some of you, like myself, are enjoying a deserved rest today. Others of you are being exploited by our capitalist system and you’re working like dogs while The Man lights his cigar with a hundred dollar bill. He ‘made’ that money through the sweat of your brow. Rise up brothers and sisters and throw off the chains of your oppression!

Capture the Means of Production!
Overturn the Apparatus of The State!
Destroy the Institutions of the Establishment!

Begin the Glorious Workers’ Revolution and launch an age of peace, prosperity and true Socialist Democracy!

Smash the State!
Smash the State!
Smash the State!

And scene…

My brother and I hit the stores early on Saturday morning to finish our Christmas Shopping. We were done by ten-thirty, apart from two* items. One of these was a bag of assorted nuts, still in their shells. You may recall that we are giving our parents a nutcracker and bowl for Christmas.

Two hours (and coffee and toast) later we found the nuts at the Station Street Markets in Subiaco/Jolimont and bought them from Habib (or so the sign said). I would like nothing more than for readers of this ‘blog to let us know where there are good supplies of fresh almonds, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts and the like, because on Saturday, when we needed to find ‘em , we were at a loss.

I felt there should be a store called NUTS QUA NUTS and suggested to my brother that we could start one; we would stock all kinds of nuts and nut-cracking implements. Just to digress for a moment, I was at a gathering recently, and the question of nut order came up again. I say again because I was at a wedding a couple of years ago, when a similar conversation happened. Some of the same characters were involved at both of these epoch-making discussions. I may have been one of them.

You see, I am among that group that can’t consider a Top 5 of Nuts without the macadamia. However some would place the pistachio or even the pine nut in their Top 5 of Nuts and leave the macadamia out, all together. There is no accounting for taste.

At NUTS QUA NUTS we would stock every nut known, except the peanut. And there would be a large warning label on everything we sold, “May Contain Traces of Nuts.”

Elevate the Insignificant,

Mr Trivia

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