All Grayson Hugh, All The Time


When I posted my comments about the inadequacy of the Grayson Hugh Wikipedia entry back in October, I didn’t know this part of my site would become a kind of water cooler for Grayson Hugh fans to discuss their Grayson love.

But why not? Clearly there is a groundswell of appreciation out there for Mr Hugh. I believe keeps getting pinged because people are putting the terms ‘Grayson Hugh’ and ‘Trivia’ into search engines. Which is why Search Engine Optimisation is quite the science these days, I guess.

While fossicking around, I discovered over at that the commonly misheard lyrics to Mr Hugh’s 1989 hit ‘Talk It Over In Bed’ are ‘Oswald is smoking, Thomas is just broken’ rather than ‘Harsh words are spoken. Promises are broken’. How big a fan of Oswald von Wolkenstein (1376 -1445) would you have to be to mishear it like that?

Don’t know what any of this is about? Feels like a generation or so before your time? The YouTube video that accompanies this post should set you straight. The other videos on YouTube seem to be re-workings of this song or fan tributes.

Elevate the Insignificant,
Mr Trivia

0 thoughts on “All Grayson Hugh, All The Time

  1. We all knew Grayson would kinda make it big…..none of us knew how (‘cos he was such a wild spirit) or when he would break through….but we always knew it was only a question of time..

    Back in Hartford, one of my college friends (Karen) introduced me to Grayson and her friend, Barbara.
    For about 5-7 years we hung out intermittantly getting drunk doing creative and crazy things.

    In Barbara’s house there was a turret room with a piano. On occasion we’d all gallup up there — either we shouted for Grayson to play or he did so anyway…I can’t recall which.
    I thnk he improvised alot..both words and music…not sure. Really, he was so brilliant I, for one,
    couldn’t tell whether he was playing, singing a piece he was working on or doing sheer improvisation.

    (Grayson used to really stomp his feet and wail out in that Welsh voice of his.)
    It was loud, full of soul, and an untold number of inebriated hoots, hollers!! We were all kinda misfits,
    definitely eccentrics. I think we all had genius IQs. … but, just didn’t fit in anywhere.

    I have the ultimate gratitude for Grayson, Karen, Barbara
    I’m pretty sure I would not have made it, if it weren’t for their friendship, support and understanding.

    I learned he was working on a new CD….I’m so happy for him.

  2. Dear Donna:
    What a nice surprise to read your entry! I certainly do remember the “Wolf Owl” Jam sessions back up in the red room of 797! I actually wrote a song about those days, called “Are You Ready For That?” It’s great to hear an old friend speaking of those days. I look forward to your reaction to the new CD.
    I’m gettin’ married this summer to Polly, my trusty backup singer and soul mate. Maybe we’ll see you around the Connecticut hills.

  3. Hello, Grayson,

    I just picked up on your reply. That made my day!!!

    Just great to hear from you. And CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR UP-COMING MARRIAGE. I bet you and Polly just “click” as you’ve been working together, getting comfortable with different facets of each others’ personalities for some time.
    WOW, is THAT good news!! along with your CD. (Which I’ll be keeping an eye out for!)

    Do you ever hear anything from Kathy, Barbara, Karen?
    My last contact with Charoltte Kitowski was quite some time ago. She said the 3 “K” kids had all moved up to Vermont! Do you ever get any news from them?

    (Did you ever know that my dad grew up in Windsor VT with the Cones. He had a crush on Charlotte’s sister—-was it Jane?. They said she was crossed eyed and sucked her thumb? Yup, even my dad confirmed it.

    Are you still in West Hartford area now? Do you ever visit Barbara, if she’s still there? if you see her, how is she doing? From what Karen said waaay back..I was a bit concerned.

    Of all things, I moved to Phoenix AZ a couple of years ago, yup, for the sunshine. I sorely miss the Connecticut countryside esp. the smells from the folding of one season into another. I did go back 2 years ago for the summer with my cousins…too bad I didn’t check to see where you were.

    Every time I think of this I laugh…i used to ask you to play some hit from the top 10 of the day.
    You used to either find some way out…like you were out of hearing range, or maybe you and Barbara would just launch into another song or sometimes you’d look at me kinda like…Donna, for God’s sake not THAT!!!

    I’d wish. if possible, to talk further… off-line. I’d look forward to talking with you.

  4. Been a while…
    Grayson just curious as to the up-coming wedding…soon? I’m guessing in Connecticut?
    Anyway, best wishes
    Oh curiously enough I did spend time in N. Carolina, too. I had some contract
    work at the Charlotte banks. But the best was staying around Asheville…so great.
    Didn’t you used to talk about the S or N. Carolina pines?
    Enjoy your new begginings
    Best, Donna

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