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Zeitgeisters, I’m not a huge fan of Tom Hanks, so I wasn’t looking forward to seeing him spruik his latest film, CHARLIE WILSON’S WAR on Late Night with David Letterman tonight. However, something about sharing the green room with Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee must have arced up Mr Hanks.

He came out full of energy and just launched into it with Dave.

HANKS: I was just back stage with Mike Huckabee the next President…of Iowa!Surely everyone has decided who they’re voting for by now, anyone who says they’re undecided is just saying that because they want to get their shopping in the car quickly. (mimes pushing shopping cart) come on kids they want money or something!

DAVE L:So who are you supporting?

HANKS: I have no idea

AUDIENCE: (Big Laugh)

HANKS: But I have some questions in my mind which I haven’t thought of yet…I want to hear the answer to those. Remember Dave, They’re campaigning for change. Campaigning for change!

DAVE L: Does it have to be about change – what about experience?

HANKS: If it was about experience Bob Dole would be our President.

Yes, if I remember correctly Tom Hanks used to be a comic actor. Before he won them serious actin’ Oscars.

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