I Love A Sunburnt Country


I was down at Dingo Fuel early tonight, 11pm-ish, getting my petrol from Ravi and Dean.

Ravi wanted to show me all his fantastic Australia Day gear. They aren’t far from the fireworks staging area, so the company has brought in a range of patriotically themed products to cater for the discerning Oz Day party-goer. There were Australian flag motifs on everything – novelty hats, stickers, beach balls, t-shirts. They also had a range of sparkly body paint and glow sticks (only 3 bucks!).

Dean’s favourite was the Australian flag hat where the flag was basically a large pin surrounded with tiny red LEDs that flashed on and off.

I was a little disappointed that nothing played a tinny electronic version of LAND DOWN UNDER or ADVANCE AUSTRALIA FAIR.

There’s always next year.

Mr Trivia

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