Is There A Doctor In The House?


Hypocritically, we stoop to comment here, but according to Huffington Post, yesterday, television psychiatrist Dr Phil McGraw, spoke to singer Britney Spears, as she was being released from Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, after her weekend mental meltdown. This breakdown led to her ex-husband Kevin Federline being granted temporary sole custody of their two sons.

As for the meeting of the medico and the pop diva, TMZ claims that Dr Phil pushed his way into her hospital room after being sent there by Spears’ concerned parents.

Could this be any more of a sideshow? To be compassionate for a moment, rather than merely snarky, her parents were probably desperate. And in the twisted Hollywood reality where this tragedy is taking place, maybe television’s most famous mental health-care specialist seemed like a sensible option.


Dodgy photoshopped composite of Dr Phil and Britney Spears.

Well, Spears apparently declined to speak to Dr Phil, perhaps the first sensible move she has (reportedly) made in some time. At least her parents didn’t try to get Dr House involved.

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