Number Plates


I caught three new vanity plates while I was on my travels.

MATRIARCH was on a new model small car. Naturally I had to see who embodied these qualities, but the vehicle appeared to be driven by a man. Ironic comment? Or husband doing the Matriarch’s bidding?

DEARLY was also on a newer car. The fact that it’s an adverb is what makes it so intriguing. Could have said DEAR, or DEAREST, but, no.

LAYED OUT was on a cashed-up bogan’s ute. The vehicle was immaculate on the outside. I guess it could have been a sexual innuendo, but the spelling LAID OUT would be better for that, although that sounds like one’s laying days are in the past. Maybe the guy lays pavers during the week?

It’s a mystery!

Mr Trivia

p.s.Despite what it says on the above graphic, appears defunct, but is still up and running.

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