Quincy is Back!


As you can see, I’ve changed things here at The Tract. (Which is my other blog, upon which this one was built, sort of. Never mind) We’ve moved from Blogspot fave template “Minima Blue” to that other Blogspot fave “Rounders 3” – both designed by Douglas Bowman. Or Dave. No, Douglas.

But why? It’s boxes, and it’s pastelly, and there’s a yellowy element and an uncomfortable evocation of institutional scrambled eggs with a wan side order of lettuce.

Very true. But after almost two years of our trusty friend Min Blue, I felt it was time to mix it up a little. Yeah, I know. Radical.

I’m also making changes to the other site – (Which became this site. Never mind.)

Remember, if it’s good enough for the Buddha and Daisy Fuentes, it’s good enough for us. Change, that is.

Sit back and enjoy the shifting panorama.



P.S. Oh yes, Quincy is back, brothers and sisters!

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