Quincy vs Punks


Actor Jack Klugman was best known for playing Oscar Madison in the tv series THE ODD COUPLE (1970-1975). These days he is almost as well known for playing the role QUINCY M.E. (1976-1983). He was what we had before Gil Grissom and the computer pyrotechnics and music-video lighting of CSI.

This YouTube clip is apparently from 1982 and it is not from top source material, so it’s a bit dark. But they were dark times. Perservere and watch to the end where the kids turn on Quincy and tell him where it’s at, man! They let him have it but good!

And sure he was a Medical Examiner, but unlike Gil Grissom of the Las Vegas Crime Lab, Quincy got out there, mixed it up and got involved in social issues. And yeah, Codeine was the Ice of the early 1980s. Scary.


Mr Trivia

P.S.Seen the clip and want to know more about bad-ass Quincy? Go here and here.

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