The House of Usher

We’ve all been more than a little concerned with this thought: “When is Michael Usher going to return from his holidays and begin fronting the Nine Network’s NIGHTLINE news bulletin again?”

Every week night around 11.30pm, Usher anchors this tight little bulletin for news nuts who need to know what’s going down in the world of commercial news. Fancy a little information, some fear, some economics and a whole lot of entertainment with your bedtime cocoa? Well NIGHTLINE has the nightcap for you.

Interestingly, I discovered very little information about the money guy on NIGHTLINE (the astute among know that he is on Networks Nine and Ten some nights). Finance man, Commsec’s Tom Piotrowski has always seemed a little forbodeing, Terminator-esque. I couldn’t find a Wikipedia page on him,so I guess he prefers being OFF THE GRID.  As of this writing there was only a pitiful stub of information on Wikipedia.

NIGHTLINE is the House of Usher, but Piotrowski is the FIXER.

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