Got the Time?


Wind back your chronograph twenty-plus years. It’s the 1980s and you want to tell the time in the most cutting edge and stylish way possible, but still want change from fifty bucks. What do you need? Full marks to all of those who said ” a swatch”.

According to our friend Wikipedia, Nicholas Hayek chairman of the Swatch Group states that the name stood for “second watch” rather than the commonly believed contraction “Swiss watch” The misconception is understandable, as they clearly did and do brand themselves as a Swiss company. Read about it here.

Above is an Australian Swatch ad allegedly from 1988. I include the snarky “allegedly” because I don’t recall ’88 as being quite as “New Romantic” in style as this television commercial – but maybe I’m kidding myself.

Elevate the Insignificant,

Mr Trivia

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