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Hail Zeitys,

Here’s that plug I told you about in the last post. If you’re in Perth, Western Australia and you have little tikes somewhere between the ages of 8-12, then you could take them along to play Telechase.

It’s a location-based game – that requires a blue-tooth enabled mobile, your brain and a couple of spare hours. Players move through eight points from the Perth City foreshore (The Willem De Vlamingh Memorial Sundial) through to the WA Museum.

The story is that messages are being beamed back to Perth from the year 2050. Darius Warden, The Head Scientist of the World Alliance to Change History (WATCH) is sending back reports about the condition of Future Perth. And the news isn’t exactly rosy. But he drops us some hints about what we can do to make changes now that will help the future.

Check the site. Look at the eerie YouTube video below. And consider getting down there and giving it a look. Oh, and you could possibly win a Playstation 3 (whatever that is), but you wouldn’t be interested in that…

Here endeth The Plug,

Mr Trivia

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