Take Two Aspirins


I phoned the Doctor today, feeling poorly. I was put in a phone queue for about five minutes and listened to the customised message about the services my Medical Centre provides. They look forward to seeing me, apparently, which is awesome.

Then an allegedly human voice came on and quite snippily replied that the whole practice was booked out tomorrow, what about Monday? I said okay while not really feeling it was. I then told dronebot which doctor I usually see, figuring that I wanted the same one who had been following my test results for the last year or so. I was told he was on leave.

So, the breakdown.

1. We’re too busy to answer you now, so wait.
2. We’re too busy to see you tomorrow, so wait until Monday.
3. The doctor, exhausted from his busy schedule isn’t here so wait until he’s back, if you really feel you need to talk to the guy who has been advising on your treatment.

Yeah, it’s way better than struggling to find a doctor in the Third World or in regional Australia, but is it better than it used to be? (You see my theme now.)

Why does it feel as though it was simpler to make an appointment with a doctor before, even – heaven forbid – see that doctor on the very same day?

And yes, I’m asking whether twenty years of private GPs turning into large businesses has resulted in a better standard of access for your regular punter.

Elevate the Malcontented,

Mr Trivia

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