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Those of you who ever seen Lil Green Patch on Facebook or read my learned recent entry on’t, will know that it’s the perplexing application where the act of using the app is supposed to stimulate sponsors into donating money to save square feet of rainforest. You also earn “Green Bucks” which can be used inside the application.

Part of the way it works is much like a game and the idea is for you to travel to other Lil Green Patches and tend them; thus adding to your Green Bucks, the Social Networking Aspect of Facebook and somehow saving our planet from destruction.

When you go to someone’s patch you are often confronted with a task like weeding it, watering it, removing a neighbours’ dog, dealing with rabbits (as above). And you are equipped with specific implements for specific jobs (as below).

Today I went to two patches to discover that a “wily fox had paused in the garden”. I looked at my implements and couldn’t work out which I was supposed to use. Was I supposed to feed the fox a ‘dog treat’ (that seemed unethical); Was I supposed to hit it with a rake? (that seemed quite non-green); Finally I thought I was supposed to spray it with water using the hose, but a little voice told me “No – that isn’t in the spirit of this application, Mr Trivia”.

So I went shopping for new implements and discovered from doing this, that one is supposed to take a “photograph” of the faux fox in the fictional garden. It was all a little too cyber and new-agey for me.

Hmmm, I was all prepared to spray that poor fox with the hose. I feel that I have developed a deep psychological prejudice against Reynard and his foxy bretheren from reading various children’s fairy tales. You know, the Fox and the Gingerbread Man, Br’er Fox, none of ’em were too trustworthy.

That’s my story anyway.

Mr Trivia

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