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Apologies from the outset. I’ve gone a little Facebook crazy. But I have an excuse – I’ve been on it for the last hour, just clicking stuff, so if I ‘blog about the experience, then I won’t feel so feebly ‘noughties about the ordeal. Will they understand any of this in a century – or even a decade?

Firstly, my friend spottyjunglecat, just sent me one of those Facebook quizzes that is totally rigged. Which Gilmore Girl Are You?

Clearly, I am Lorelai (the mother) – he turned out to be Rory. Which is probably the best outcome for both of us. Unlike the Chandler Bing fiasco, I knew from the outset that I would channel the chatty Gen- X Innkeeper from Stars Hollow with nary a pause for breath.

I taught a writing course a few years ago and spent quite a lot of time attempting unsuccessfully to persuade my class that the Gilmore Girls was the best-written drama on television. Ah well.

Afte the Gilmore thing, I tended to my city in the My City application. Despite dissing world-building-type apps. some time ago, this one I can hack. Mainly because the whole thing is out of my hands. As I said to a friend, it grows, out of control like Sea Monkeys or a Chia Pet.

My city is called Inertia and it is a place where nothing ever happens. I modelled it on Perth! Ha! As if! Perth is the most vibrant and exciting capital city that Western Australia has to offer. If you’re tired of Perth, you’re tired of life, friends. (That didn’t sound too obvious, did it?).

Anyhoo, Inertia has 50 or so inhabitants. It grows according to how many people you and your friends add to it. You prosper by helping others cities to grow. It’s all about reciprocity. So I thought my 50 plus was rather good until I travelled to the Number 1 city in the My City world. it’s called Lanta-sur Mer, the Mayor is Marc Vaudel and city has 49821 inhabitants.

Now THAT is Social Networking.

Mr Trivia

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