Coriolis Effect, The


The Coriolis Effect? What is it? I used to know. At least well enough to pass my Year 12 Phys. Sci. exam. It’s just one of a slew of things I knew and forgot. Although some people, say you don’t forget anything….

I can’t calculate the circumference of a circle. Is it the diameter or the radius times pi? Maybe it’s neither. Even if I could find my calculator it couldn’t help me. I need Dataman from Texas Instruments.

Snakebite. You don’t suck the poison out. You use a tourniquet, right? No…it’s compression, but not a tourniquet…maybe you elevate the affected part.? Or would that just send the venom screaming through your bloodstream and straight towards your heart?

You put avocados in a bag with bananas and both ripen quicker. Don’t even bother with an unripe apricot because it won’t get any softer. Maybe…

Feed a Fever. Starve a Cold. Red Sky at night, Shepherd’s Pie. A rolling scone gathers no mass which is different from volume. But how? Its not the volts that kill you but the amps. But why?

There’s a lot of stuff here that I knew, or thought I knew, at least fleetingly.

I need a hard drive to back up my soft brain.

Mr Trivia

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