Golf, Anyone? Polo?

The Volkswagen Polo


I’ve done a car-swap with a friend for a few days. I usually drive an old Toyota Townace van which is very handy for carrying loads. The friend has loaned me his new, white Volkswagen Polo. Naturally being an ageing Gen-Xer, rather than someone cooler and younger, I felt my masculinity compromised the moment I laid eyes on it.

Any vehicle this size is a Barina to me. A chick car. Your granny’s car. Who knew I had this kind of issue with gender and wheels? I’m shocked at my shallowness and insecurity.

Apart from the psychological damage that I’m feeling from having it parked in my space at the flats where I live, is the actual annoyance of driving it. For reasons best known to the Euro boffins at V-Dub, the wiper and indicator sticks are exactly reversed in placement from the Townace.

So as I take a corner, I either confidently flick the wipers to low or intermittent. Not cool. I was cursing this very problem tonight when I saw that I was following a Volkswagen Golf . After a moment, I found myself admiring its shape and Candy Apple Red paintwork. (Tornado Red according to VW, Australia)

If I’m as Green as I fancy myself to be, I am going to have to do the small car thing eventually – or even – gasp – public transport.

A traffic bridge too far?

Mr Trivia

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  1. We’ll be flushing our cars down the toilet before too long (with petrol prices the way they are).

    Ride the dolphin. Isn’t that what God was telling you yesterday? Or did I misread your post?

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