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Yo Zeities!

Sorry to exclude those of you not part of the burgeoning and yet collapsing world of Facebook. This fading fad is disappearing like lemon-juice ink drying on notepaper, but paradoxically it continues to suck in all you know and love. Like a Zeigeistian Black Hole it draws in even those who have no real business being on Crackbook.

Do you really need to have your mother as your Facebook Friend? Pick up the ‘phone and call her dammit! She’s your mother.

I have digressed into a rant, so let us swerve back onto the highway. I found this vid’ on the YouTube from a Canadian outfit called truenuffTV! It’s about how one can screw up when taking another’s Facebook status at face value. They don’t know how to end their skit – but no matter.

And if none of the above really make sense to you, make sure you hop on the next Social Networking bandwagon when it happens along…in another five minutes or so.

Elevate the Insignificant

Mr Trivia

P.S. This is the Facebook page on the Wikipedia site.And this is the Wikipedia page on the Facebook site. Geddit?

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