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I found ALIEN LOVES PREDATOR while traipsing through the Wikipedia trying to understand the ALIEN VERSUS PREDATOR “phenomenon.” Even before filthy words like ‘branding” and “franchising” were invented, the idea that combining one famous series with another was a Hollywood staple – “Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein” to name but one example.

If you take the concept further and make it a fight between franchises thus, bringing two audiences together – like for FREDDY VERSUS JASON, then there can’t be an outright winner of this match-up. Choosing a winner or choosing a side means disappointing the other fans.

So the fix is in, in any Franchise Vs Franchise shindig, ALIEN VERSUS PREDATOR always seemed like a rather cynical example of this kind of marketing. So when I saw the words “Alien Loves Predator” in a list of Wikipedia References, I had to click on it.

What I found was a 254 part (so far) web comic about the lives of Abe Alien and a predator called Preston. It’s an ODD COUPLE meets PENNY ARCADE-esque pairing of guys with a set of preoccupations and running gags. In the case of Abe and Preston they love New York and the Yankees. Favourite subjects and running gags include the subway, speed dating and Bill Clinton.

The technique writer and creator Bernie Hou uses, combines action figurines and toys with photographic images. Stories are usually 3 panel but occasionally extend.

If this sounds like it could be your cup of tea then go here for the current edition and here for the archive to read it from number 1.

I started at # 1 and read all 254 bits. I won’t say how many hours it took. And I had work the next day.

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