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A few days ago, my friend Rex Glasini from the Monopoly Men emailed me with the sad news that Don LaFontaine died on Monday 1st of September in Los Angeles.

And if you don’t think you knew LaFontaine, you’re mistaken – his was the voice of the modern movie trailer. The one you tried to knock off but could never quite manage because very few people have what was his naturally deep gravelly voice.

Yep, he was that guy. The King of the Trailers

Read about him:
The Independent , ET online, Wikipedia.

Check out his site:

And watch this video from 2005 “Don LaFontaine: The Voice”


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  1. He was an amazing talent. I am in television and a huge classic tv and movie buff. Don will never be forgotten and if anyone is uncertain as to who he is…watch this video on this blog or google the recent GEICO commercial …hilarious. Long live Don The Voice!!!

    Eric Chilton

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