ACP: 1000 Hours of Drama

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If you’ve got the Insomni like what I do, and you’re living in the Lucky Country (aka Australia) then you’ll be fully across the fact that the Seven Network are showing old episodes of the series A COUNTRY PRACTICE (1981-1993)in the wee hours, during the week.

If you tune in around now, ACP is at the point of dealing with the death of Nurse Donna Manning (Caroline Johannson) in a car accident. Ben the vet (Nicholas Bufalo) is taking it particularly hard, because although they were housemates and friends, he never told Donna how he really felt (he loved her, right?) – and now – sadly, it’s too late.

So Ben is grief stricken, even though Donna’s brother Peter (Mark Owen-Taylor) is strangely casual about the whole tragedy. So it was just as well that he gave Doctor Alex (Di Smith) such short shrift in the last episode.He’s a sad, clockwork man, anyway. And I mean what was Dr Alex doing asking him how he felt about her less than two weeks after the death of his sister, huh? Selfish, much?

But life goes on in Wandin Valley and perky student Jo Loveday (Jo Mitchell) has been hanging out and having boring adventures with Ranger Cathy Hayden (Kate Raison). They are both perky and a tad bland, although the Ranger is the more polished of the pair, being older than Jo and in fact, totally unconvincing as someone whose job it is to patrol and manage a National Park. She seems to be missing her skinny latte and her Stairmaster, but who am I to judge? All of Jo and Cathy’s scenes are devoid of drama and interest.

Meanwhile Dr Alex is working damn hard to show young accident victim Penny how she can survive after the death of her father. He died in the same incident that killed Nurse Donna. Dr Alex is clearly getting emotionally attached to six year old Penny and I can see that there will be a stern lecture coming from either Matron Sloane (Joan Sydney) or Dr Terrence Elliot (Shane Porteous).

I will let you know how it goes – or you could stay up late during the week and check it out for yourself. Until then, have a decko at this rather good fansite, or enjoy the promo below for A COUNTRY PRACTICE from around 1992 This is quite a bit later than the current eps that Seven are running (which seem to be from the 1987 season.)

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  1. Growing up in the country we only had the ABC, but in 1987 GWN arrived and we were glued to the screen – never missing an episode of ‘A Country Practice’.

    Nurse Donna’s death was totally devastating.

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