Huey Paloooza | If This Is It

Hey Kids, remember the 1980s?

You weren’t even the merest gleam of a wisp of an idea? Well – let me catch you up. A man – no, make that A KING of this silvern decade – was Huey Lewis. And no five words generated more excitement than Huey Lewis and the News. Theirs was a flawless rock machine of exquisite commercial perfection.

Get into the Mr Trivia time machine and the set the controls for the heart of 1984 as we travel back to celebrate our future with Mr Huey Lewis and his band The News and their hit song – If This Is It. 2009 is almost here, so let’s usher it in with some retro style…

Elevate the Insignificant

Mr Trivia

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  1. Ed (logged in as you) says: Man, what a dog’s breakfast. The effort! And for what gain? Who benefits from such a video clip? Only time will tell, I suppose.

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