0 thoughts on “Bacon and Egos

  1. Agreed, Mr Trivia – well, I agree when it comes to lamb – all the taste is in the damn fat – trim off the fat and half the lamb gets chucked away! The good thing about the fat in lamb chops is that when they are cooked and covered in, oh, other fatty substances, you can’t see the fat! This is a good thing as that way when you eat those fatty, cholesterol enriched, fried in their own oozing fatty juices chops you only enjoy the sweet sweet taste and do not suffer the psychological effects of realising that your arteries have just lost one tenth of their internal diameter. Ask your Doctor to prescribe Antorvastatin – I didn’t and he prescribed it anyway! Get some of those happy pills into you and you can eat all the fat your cardiac cheating heart desires!

  2. Hey TigerLeo thanks for your comments – I have the great good fortune to be on Atacand Plus and Crestor at the moment. And I do wish I was kidding…Hope your holidays are proceeding well and musically…

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