Nic of Time

For the last few years RAGE on ABC1 in Australia, has put to air old episodes of the music shows COUNTDOWN and ROCK ARENA in January. They had a 1983 edition of COUNTDOWN early this morning. It was “hosted” by KC of the Sunshine Band and had both Molly Meldrum and Gavin wood dressed as Blues Brothers. Those were the days.

Pat Wilson’s one and only hit, BOP GIRL was the outro video and near the end I noticed Nicole Kidman was in the clip. She is in fact all through it – she’s the girl on the air mattress in the pool – but around the two and a half minute mark, it becomes clear that it is she.

So retro trivia, fans – go to it and check out this slice of 1983 Australian pop and the future UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, “Lady Sarah Ashley”, Mrs Urban and Australia’s own Nic.

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