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I was talking to my social networking buddy kwylo yesterday about Twitter. We also work together so we can converse in sentences of more than 140 characters. He is a dedicated follower of a number of famous people. I explained that I don’t use my regular Twitter for this, I have an alter ego (and yes one’s alter ego can have an alter ego of its own) that I use to follow the famous. I follow three poeple I know personally on that Twitter and the rest are MC Hammer, actor Kevin Pollack, Jane Fonda and those of that ilk.

As I said to kwylo, I don’t really want to see Jane Fonda’s “Bumped into Meryl outside the Russian Tea Room,” mixed in with his “Leaving work now. Spag bolog for dinner.” Yes, Jane and Meryl are no better or worse than my friends, but I can’t have them all on the same feed. It just doesn’t suit me and my comparmentalised thinking. This came up in my session with my psych this week. My thinking is compartmentalised. I need to let some categoiries bleed into each other. Gah!

I love that we can follow the famous on Twitter. That we might write them a pithy comment or two and get a response. I would never do this because I am too cool for school. What would I say to Kevin Pollack (imdb) anyway? Loved your Bill Pullman impression of about ten years ago? However kwylo does tweet the famous has had some two way tweetage from Mel Doyle of Channel 7’s sunrise program.

Many Aussies love Mel Doyle (left)

If all the above seems like mere gibberish to you, leave this place, and start reading about Twitter – in these places and others. People will be going on about this in 2009 like they were raving about Facebook last year. Ketchup!

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