Marketing Can Make Anything Lame

Hi Zeities,

Virgin Mobile had a cool idea. Get Vanilla Ice (aka Robbie Van Winkle) to apologise on video about his musical career. Stick it on YouTube and then encourage us to go to a site called When you get there you find a chart of questionable music drawn from the last 30 years or so. Milli Vanilli makes number 1, Peter Andre is up there and the Crazy Frog.

There’s probably some kind of lame competition and prizes if one delves into it further, but I was annoyed with their presumption and cynicism, so I didn’t bother – at first. But after a few minutes, I did look into it a little further it turned out to be a front for a philanthropic organisation dedicated to clean water and fighting poverty.

Nah. It was all about selling Virgin.

Questionable music, hilariously bad lyrics and artists who are clueless about their presentation. It’s exactly the kind of thing that we’ve been riffing about with our friends, or blogging about on the www forever. And now Virgin Mobile wants to be part of the gag is here to ‘officalise’ the laffs and hence make it LAME.

Crap or Not? Decide for yourselves and follow the links.

Thanks Virgin Mobile for trying to get hip, with it, ‘down’. They ‘feel’ us. This is how they ‘roll’. They’re Virgin and except for a multi-million dollar a year telecommunications business and a giant marketing department coming up with chuckle-head ideas like this one, they ARE us.

It’s like looking into a frikkin’ mirror.

Mr Trivia

P.S. Virgin Mobile Marketing Department – No, you can’t be our friend. Buzz off.
P.P.S. This may seem like brilliant bit of anti-marketing, but no, stupidly I want to be fair as well as ranty.

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