Sunday Four-Wheel Drivers



Plenty of things annoy me. And today, the thing that annoys me is four-wheel drive vehicles. Or SUVs if you wish to paradigm shift and speaks as our American cousins do.

Or to be more precise, 4WD vehicles driven on a Sunday, annoy me in particular. Yesterday (or earlier today because I haven’t slept yet) I was accosted with a number 4WD Sunday Drivers whilst making my appointed round.

I saw people driving their massive vee-hicles with the speed and dexterity of a Manatee with a head cold. Long decisions. Which way do I go? Slo-o-o-w turns. Turnings so slow they would annoy John Hiatt.*

Listen 4WD people, you’re high up, you’re driving a Panzer Tank. You’re dangerous because of your limited vision of short things near the ground and you move with the speed of a Royal Commission.

Learn to drive your huge vee-hick-le.


You drive a 4WD/SUV?

Yeah, but I’m not talking about you, am I?

You’re responsible. An excellent driver.

Mr Trivia

*This gag is gold. Go on, click on the link


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