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Seen the latest the Pepsi Max ads? According to the spiel on YouTube they are created by CLM BBDO, Paris (lead agency for Pepsis soft drinks worldwide excluding North America), and directed by Matthijs van Heijningen. It goes further to say that the new Pepsi Max commercials are set against a backdrop of situations that matter to the brands audience: getting a hot date, passing a job interview.

According to adblog.msnbc the commercials are only screening in European and Asian markets so far, which is how we see them here in Australia. They are cast with North American actors, but despite their U.S. vibe, these are supposedly more subtle than the American “I’m Good” Pepsi Max ads.

To refer to adblog again:

The “I’m good” ads struck us at too obvious and ham-handed to be truly funny. These European ads do a better job of using fake violence as a witty plot point.

Perhaps more importantly, the Pepsi Max drinkers in the European ads come off as smart pranksters plotting gags to help out their buddies. In short, they are the kind of guys many people would wish to be, and they have the kind of friends you’d like to have your back.

In the U.S. ad the guys come off as dolts who are either too dimwitted to avoid being beaned in the head, or are surrounded by friends who can’t seem to avoid maiming their buddies.

Well, that’s one take on these commercials. The brand’s audience appears to be “bullshit artists” as we call ‘em in Australia. No doubt this goes down like a house on fire for some, but for others and particularly for us at this site, these guys come off as superannuated frat boys – smug, immature wankers who are totally into themselves.

Mr Trivia

3 thoughts on “We've Got Your Back!

  1. Alright, I may be devling a long way into your back catalouge here Phil, but I have to say this: Christ, I couldn’t agree more – “Duuude, that chick totally thinks I did something brave and noble, and now she’s totally gonna ride my balony pony! HIGH FIVE!”

    And it’s not just the content – the “lovable”, but actually smug entitled hucksters cheating their way into jobs and fine ladies underpants – that’s offensive. It’s the tone of the whole thing, like in the ‘fake octopus attack’ ad, when the main guy’s says (unsmiling) ‘Yeah, she took the bait’ before they drive off in their fucking sweet topless jeep listening to top forty hip-hop. It’s actually kind of queasy – far from wanting to be one of these dudes, I want to call the jamaican authorities to prevent a possible gang rape….

  2. Only you and I get it, Chuck. Every single time I see this, or the fake job interview ad, I think how completely lame all the scheming bullshit looks. Couldn’t stand being shot down by the pretty girl, so you come up with a totally weak scenario to get her to say, yes? She certainly has her work cut out with you…

    A mere commercial to some – a blight on the entire culture to savvy hipsters like us 🙂

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