Esteban's Got A Video

Hey Zeities,

I’ve known the Esteban for many years – and apart from his weird fixation on pop icon Barry Bostwick, I think Mr Von Disco is quite the solid citizen. When we were kids in inner-city North Perth back in the day, he saved me time and again from mixing up an aubegene with an alligator pear. He’s an educator, a poet – although not like our mutual firend Lep Loney. He’s the kind of guy who gets why puns aren;t funny, but tries to bring them off anywaty – so I guess mildly hypocritical there.

Esty will be a frequent visitor to our site, so make him welcome. Agreed, his representation as some kind of empty-headed plastic doll is worrying, but despite the apparent intellectual shortcomings this would suggest, he has never come close to agreeing with Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce – so there’s some hope. Esty has posted a new video over at his YouTube. Check out his other weird videographic musings over at his channel – here. Mr Trivia


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