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Hey Zeitos,

I’ve been elsewhere and erehwon for sometime, but I return to you in my normal insomniac state – and with a chest cold what’s more. Too Much Information? I’m setting the scene, ragazzi. I’m tired, sick and easily annoyable., And today I took the decision to stop eating crap. I’ve done it before and now I’ve backslid into my lazy ways, but being sick has just made me realise that I probably feel even worse because I am digesting a sub-standard diet. So no more. I’m back on the wagon – and this wagon is piled high with health-giving of fruit and vegetables. And I am glowing from the inner light of my virtue. You may wish to look away now.

So just to get us into the mood – and to ping those neurons and axons – for this is still a pop cultural blog – we begin with a video from the humorists at The Onion.

New Wearable Feedbags Let Americans Eat More, Move Less

This put me in mind of a film I saw for the first time earlier this year. It’s the feature documentary King Corn by Curtis Ellis, Ian Cheney and Aaron Woolf. It deals with two city boys who go to live in Iowa for a year to produce a field of corn. The set up is a little bit Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) which is to say, it is a piece of advocacy set up very specifically to make it’s point. But the point it does make is a scary one. There’s corn in everything and it’s not good for the American diet. (No need to get complacent my Australian readers – you KNOW there’s things going on with our processed food that needs looking into. Here’s the King Corn trailer.

Finally, here is the title sequence to the upcoming Robert Kenner feature documentary Food Inc. This takes a serious look at American farming and food practices and suggests some very alarming things. Check it out.

Now I know not everyone will agree with this. Some of you are planning on an Bacon and Egg McMuffin tomorrow.You don’t need guilt-tripping. Are these documentaries one-sided, unfair? Do they have a clear agenda to villify big business by ignoring certain inconvenient facts? Don’t know. I want the questions about the food asked first, and then I want to hear some reasoned debate.

Which is what the world needs more of (as well as love sweet love) right about now.

Mr Trivia

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