Eurasian Of The Week

This week it’s Fely Irvine! She’s one of the new generation of established Australian children’s entertainers, Hi-5. She replaced Sun Park who apparently was the temporary replacement for the awesome Kathleen DeLeon Jones. According to the all-knowing Internet, Irvine is Filipina-Scottish and toured with an Australian version of the musical Miss Saigon.  Please note: Eaurasian of the Week – it a completely arbitrary award given out occasionally by Mr Trivia. The criteria are simply Eurasianess and his whim.

ABOVE – Fely Irvine,  Kathleen DeLeon Jones, Sun Park.

9 thoughts on “Eurasian Of The Week

  1. halo felly.mabuhay!
    ur my favorite among the group!i do love ur voice.more power hi5.great show!

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