The Best for Last #1

Sometimes the best bit of the movie is the end credits. Obvious, sure, but sometimes the reason is that which the producers choose to do with those credits. Alex Proyaz’s Australian film GARAGE DAYS (2002) had dazzling graphics and an ordinary script. It has some good performances by Pia Miranda, Marton Csokas and Andy Anderson, but it failed to fire up audiences at the Box Office.

It’s the type of film that you can enjoy bits of in a non-critical way when you see it at home on the old free-to-air. Which is how I came to watch the above sequence. When the end credits rolled, so did this little dance number which features all the major actors in the cast. It’s a fun idea which was more entertaining in less than three minutes than the entire film that preceded it.

Worth a look. Thank you YouTube.

Mr Trivia

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