Curmudgeon Award Nominations


The Curmuddies are back. It’s been almost two years since the last annual Curmudgeon Awards (yes, I know…). And a lot has changed in the world. But our species’ desire to complain about how things are terrible and not as good as they used to be, remains unabated.

Inside every one of us is a difficult cantankerous oldster who knows what is wrong with the world and is dying to complain about it – possibly with a pointing finger and by striking the ground with our cane – this is the pure essence of being a Curmudgeon. And here is an opportunity to whinge about stuff and have it be seen and appreciated by others.

Still not sure what I’m on about? Have a look back at the kinds of things people were getting riled up about two years ago, by clicking here.

How do you get involved?
First check the nomination categories below. Then channel your inner-Curmudgeon and respond.

Where do you respond?
If you’re seeing this on Facebook, then you can write in the comment box – although that might not give you enough space – or you can send me a Facebook message.

If you’re seeing this on the blog, then write your noms in the comments section. If you haven’t commented before there is some comment moderation a’happening there.

The deadline for your nominations is Monday August 24th

The winning rant in each category and in fact all your publishable responses will be on the blog on Monday August 31st

There is no prize for entering just the satisfaction of doing so.

NOTE: sometimes people get extremely pissed off in their responses and I have to go into Winston Smith mode and do some editing. I’m not a Paris Hilton fan either but I’d rather not call her a **** on this here blog. I think you’re a clever bunch who can express yourselves with energy and wit. That’s the task at hand. If the possibility of low level censorship is annoying to you, then best not to enter. But I’d much rather you did!


Nomination categories

Most Insultingly-Presented News Event of the Last 12 Months.

Most irritating song of the last 12 months.

Most Over-Rated Sporting Personality of the Last 12 Months.

Most Over-Rated Gadget of the Last 12 Months.

Most Insulting Political Decision of the Last 12 Months.

Most Annoying Expression or Piece of Slang on the Planet Right Now

Let’s go!

Mr Trivia

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