My Father's House


Lis Hoffmann has written and directed a play called My Father’s House. Danielle Giles Cohen is producing. The cast is Sean Walsh, Jay Walsh, Kerry Ella McAullay, Amy McDowall and Kingsley Judd. It has been running for a week at the Blue Room Theatre in Northbridge.

In the interests of full disclosure, I will admit that I am the director’s partner. So listen to
the words of the unbiased Gordon Johnston who wrote a review:

“The whole play revolves around superbly observed, emotive environments delivered by a very strong cast . The love scene was extremely sensuous and romantic without being blatant. … a simple storyline, but extremely satisfying as a richly observed character study.”

Read the rest of that review here. If this sounds like your kind of thing and you’re living here in Perth the City of Lights, then you know what the Gods of Art are urging you to do (book a ticket, yes.)

The season runs until Saturday August 15, 2009.

Mr Trivia

(Above) Sean Walsh and Jay Walsh. Honeyrock Photography.

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