I was in the supermarket yesterday deciding whether I could be brilliant with 800 grams of chicken and how many meals I could spread it over. I examined my Inner-Donna-Hay and thought about the staggering array of recipes that I have on hand IN MY MIND at any given moment of the day.

Pasta – check. Curry – check. Hmmm oh yes… then some bold and surprising combinations a la TV’s Surprise Chef. Remember how Chef Aristos would turn up in a supermarket and transform the contents of some Hapless Bystander’s shopping trolley into a meal fit for a segment of a network television show?

And we’d watch as the Hapless Bystander family chowed down on Ice-Cream Poulet au Gratin or something similarly domestic but with a daring tinge that was all Aristos. I found myself thinking about Aristos Papandroulakis and wondering why he wasn’t back on our screens, yet. Yield, gods of telly – YIELD!

A woman was standing next to me, also deep in apparent thought, when her daughter – who looked as old as eight – whipped a packet into position right under her mother’s nose and said, “Mum, can we have some Nitro Cream?”

Mum went through what we scholars call a paradigm shift as she peered at the box. “This is Nutri-Grain,” she said with a slight undertone that could have been about her child’s reading abilities or perhaps some other family member who is cavalierly misnaming popular items of the Kellogg product line and confusing the kiddies. I didn’t see him there, but my money is on the dad.

Elevate the Insignificant,

Mr Trivia

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