Remembering Soy Bomb

The Grammy’s 1998. Bob Dylan sings the song Love Sick. He is upstaged by a shirtless man who manages to get past security and then proceeds to dance in a show-stopping bizarre manner. The man is a performance artist called Michael Portnoy and he has the words “Soy Bomb” written across his chest.

The show did, in fact, go on, and Soy Bomb, as we the watching millions thought of him, was escorted off stage. When interviewed, Portnoy claimed his dance was an act of protest and revolution. No one has ever gleaned what Portnoy’s precise complaint was. However, his brilliant choice of body graffiti and his demented dancing gave him a Warholian quarter of fame that any Zeitgeister would be proud of.

For more on Michael “Soy Bomb” Portnoy, go here.

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