Perth. We love our DON'T signs.

Saw this when out walking along the South Perth foreshore yesterday. This is a shortish piece of cycle path that runs across Sir James Mitchell Park. Most of the path that you might use on the ‘Bridges’ run, walk or cycle (ie around the Swan from the Narrows Bridge to the Causeway) is dual use.

So what’s with this stunted section of single use cycleway? Odd.

Mr Trivia

0 thoughts on “Perth. We love our DON'T signs.

  1. ha those are the signs that make your brain explode. Did you get the photo of the people curled up sobbing unsure of what they should be doing at the base of the sign?

  2. It was the sheer volume of signs, and the lack of rubbish bins in public places that drove me from perth – that and the torrential downpours in winter oh and that trains only go into and out of city and it took me 2 hours to get to a Uni that was a 15 min car ride from where i was living (loved the warmth and people though- and the trains themselves. And Bub 1 still speaks fondly of the "bendy buses")

  3. @Tim – I think the sobbing South Perthites were probably taking a break down at the Bellhouse.

    @lifeslightlyused – shhh – the secret of Perth weather is keeping up the pretense that it's always sunny here…

  4. Idiot signage. Who’s gonna stop and read all that word stuff? There has to be a small novel’w worth of literature there. Reminds me of Kafka’s “The Burrow”. Good evening. Like the courier font in this box while I type, Phil. Excellent job. Carry on. By the way (BTW)… Nice looking site!.. (finally Buddy – I was getting worried there to tell you God’s truth).

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