Unbranded Minute 2

Hi, Esteban Von Disco and myself have made our second Unbranded Minute. It was inspired by that television series “Lie To Me” and by the rather annoying theory floating in the zeitgeist, that everyone has a ‘tell’ that reveals when they are lying. The Bond film Casino Royale also puts this idea forth.

There is no doubt that a trained observer can often tell when an evil-doer is bullshitting, but movies and TV being what they are, this particular skillset has been turned into some kind of superpower and thus has been rendered a somewhat ‘played-out trope’ – thank you very much.

Culture geeks might also like to examine Fitz’s intuition in the TV series “Cracker” and Goran’s forensic brilliance on “CSI: Criminal Intent” and Dr House’s deductive genius on “House” as similarly worn-out traits that by their overuse, eventually made initially interesting concepts feel stale by their second season.

However, I digress. Enjoy the video.

Mr Trivia

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