Monthly Horoscope

I know,I know. After all, I can read your thoughts as well as foretell THE FUTURE. Y’r thinkin’ something like: “What do YOU know about Horoscopes, Mr Trivia.” Answer- nothing. But if you’re the type of person who never consults their horoscope, then my monthly version, written in haste with no research, coming totally from the top of my crown chakra – could be the very answer to a question you barely knew existed.

Let’s face it, you have as much business listening to me as reading and following the contents of the fortune cookie (above).

For the agnostics of the horoscope – Mr Trivia’s Monthly ‘Scope is for you. For flat out unbelievers, I believe I have crafted a work devoid of any kind of call to action or indeed real interest. This friends, is the ACCORDING TO JIM of the horoscopic world.

On the first Monday of every month I’ll remind my Twitter buddies that it’s that zodiacal time again. The rest of you – just hit the site

See you there!

Mr Trivia

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