Captcha and Release

Dear Google,

So, I’ve been using Google Chrome for the last 24 hours or so. It’s only just come out on the Mac. Yep. Mac User. Ponytail wearer. That’s what we’re dealing with, my friend.

The consequence of using Chrome as my default browser is that I have to re-enter the passwords for every site I visit regularly. Yes, Google, I do want my browser to remember my passwords. Mac User. Drive an automatic vehicle. I’m about outcomes – the destination, not the journey. Honestly, I think it started in childhood when my father was a con artist and fake Bible salesman during the Great Depression and I was Tatum O’Neal in the 1973 classic Peter Bogdanovich film, PAPER MOON. You feel me?

The downside of my reliance on Firefox or Google Chrome remembering my password has been brought home to me by the number of times I’ve ended up peering at a flippin’ Captcha window in the last day; Attempting to pierce the soul of my computer, trying to recognise the shape of those annoying, munted Captcha words.

Yes, Google, I know it’s for my own security. Yes, you’re trying to prove that I’m an authorised human and not a spambot for the Russian Mafia, but seriously, some of those words are impossible and after 5 or so requests for a new Captcha word on my part, it seems to me that the Rise of the Machines is happening right now.

How about switching to an easier system for us humans, Skynet…er Google?

Mr Trivia

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