Fong's Takeaway Section

Eating out has become too simple – too ‘easy’. Okay, maybe not for Bear Grylls, but for the rest of us, it’s something we do almost without thought. What I like about Fong’s Kitchen on Canning Highway (Palmyra-ish opposite the MacDonald’s) is that they have a separate takeaway section that is essentially a narrow, bleak corridor. It’s a place that invites reflection.

If you’re of a nervous disposition, then you will notice your literal reflection in the fish-eye mirror in the corner. Paranoia. If you are on hallucinogens, then you might wonder if someone is about to pop out of the hollow-core door and drag you off into some grisly Lynchian nightmare.

However, if you’re a practical type with no time for such flights of fancy, you’ll go there, order something from their excellent menu and enjoy the food. It’s entirely up to you, friend.

Fong’s Kitchen. Go for the shock corridor – but stay for the Szechuan Beef.

Mr Trivia

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