Goodbye Cruel World

Western Australian Independent Filmmaking – four words that make an awkward sound when you smash them together. Maybe we should just call it WAIF, because people love an acronym. If you’ve never had anything to do with it, then you might be sitting back in your swivel chair saying, “Surely, like the unicorn, independent filmmaking in the western-most state is but a myth. Happily, you would be wrong.

The above photograph is from Goodbye Cruel World, a short written and directed by Adrian McFarlane and produced by Jonathon Miller. The film was funded through a Film and Television Institute grant. I was chatting with the director recently and he wanted West Australian film folk to check out photographer Jayden Weston’s website. Here you will find many stills of the shoot. MacFarlane is proud of what the team acheived and would like people to get a glimpse behind the scenes. Make sure you click the links to see all five days.

Goodbye Cruel World is in post-production and will be completed early in 2010.

Actor Damon Lockwood taking direction from Adrian McFarlane. Image: Jayden Weston

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