Barry Bostwick Isn't Back

I used to have a blog called ‘Ask Mr Trivia’. For a while it was a good honest ‘blog and I helped the many who sought out my brand of sagacity and bracing verbosity. However, after some months, the heavy burden of my paid employment at the Fremantle art-media-space known Media Dell’Arte, meant I had to farm out some of the advice-giving. This I did, to my friend and colleague Esteban Von Disco.
I have known Esteban since we went to Rosalie Primary, Shents, back in the final days of the Whitlam government. What I didn’t realise when I gave the gig to my pal, was that Esteban had begun to believe that he was the actor Barry Bostwick (who played Brad Majors in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Mayor Winston in Spin City, yadda, yadda). The problem was hard to detect because it only ever manifested when he was online.

So Esteban started answering people’s letters as Barry, a practice that became increasingly embarrassing, because although Esteban can carry a tune, his vocal range and talent certainly doesn’t rival that of Barry Bostwick’s Broadway-honed knife-block of musical theatre skills. He was the first Danny Zuko for heaven’s sake! He’s won a Tony…

So I gave Esteban the sack from that job, but somehow, thankfully, we remained friends. And it seemed to me that he was quite recovered from this strange…fetish…of his. However, this is not the case. Recently, I discovered that he has one of those things where you can ask questions of someone anonymously. (Check out Elizabeth Spiers version of same, here.)

Esteban is attempting to evade ridicule and possible trademark infringement by describing himself as ‘Not Bostwick’ but it’s a shallow ruse that would fool none but Karl Stefanovic. If you want to see the extent of Esteban’s pathetic charade go here. But I beg of you, do not encourage him in the delusion that he is the real Barry Bostwick. That would be most unwise.

I thank you.

Mr Trivia

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